GM 🌎!
4A’s Sisters Lupus Foundation would like to recognize Prejean Carlisa as this week Lupus Warrior please show some 💘

She was diagnose about 2 1/2 years ago not knowing what it was, she has lost so much weight at times couldn’t get out of bed, in so much pain.

Many days she wanted to give up. But, she continue to pray and push.

When Carlisa started seeing her skin color change it was worst for her. It was
Mostly in her face.

Known as the butter fly rash which meant know heat. Couldn’t be in the sun. At one time It got so depressing for her but, she knew she had to continue to push. She’s a mother of four girls and one boy, and eight grandkids.

The pain she knows will never go away. But, my Faith is stronger now more than anything. The struggle is real.
Blessings baby girl!

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