4A’s Sisters Lupus Foundation of Lafayette La wish to honor Lora Faison – Feliciano She’s married to a amazing man. Between the both of them they have 5 children, 11 grandchildren and one great grandchild. Lupus introduced itself to her in 2001 19 years ago. It was so hard to understand what was taking place In her body. She remembered from 1979 when she gave birth to her oldest daughter and into the 80’s she stayed sick with the feeling of being tired, unexplained joint pain, weight up and down, urinating blood, sensitivity from the sun, severe skin break outs. It was in her body that Lupus had taking over. 3 years ago Lora Faison was told by a pass doctor that she didn’t have Lupus. She rudely told her that if she had it she would have been dead along time ago. Oh, how upset she was. Lora Faison than went and see a new Rheumatologist he sent here out to get a new ANA with other test. It was in her body being confirmed that she had Lupus. Here’s the thing having Lupus for 19 years and that doctors told her she didn’t have it, she was never put on any medication. She told herself that it was God who protected her from all the small flareups she had gotten. Life turned in a terrible way for her. How? Working in the medical field for 32 years also caring for sick people. Lora Faison worked a 12 hour shift from 7pm to 7am, Only to come home every morning to taking care of her sick mother who she Loved so much. Lora Faison had no outlets but, was dedicated to her mother.. she didn’t go out, but she love sewing thats what she did after making sure her mom was taking care of. Lora Faison began to get very depress, losing weight and not wanting to live because of all that she had went through. Lora Faison and her husband had reunited. They weren’t married but, had been boyfriend and girlfriend when they were in their 20’s. When he came back into her life she recalled looking so bad. Her hair fell out, lost weight, and her face she was so ashamed. This man look at her and told her “He had never stop loving her”. They began to spend time together. Mind you she had been single for 9 years… that’s another story. She had no trust in no one. But through God he help restored her trust and she begin to Love and care more about self. Lora’s mother wasn’t able to attend her wedding because of her illness she was on hospice. But, she made a beautiful bouquet and put her moms picture in it. After the wedding she went back and gave her mother the bouquet and told her you were still with me. Things started to turn for the worst. Mom’s health went down. Lora’s Faison Lupus being to flareup more to the point she was missing days from work. Having signs of a stroke joints to the point where it was so hard to walk or take her clothes off. Her husband to be by her side. From 2018 having had a break from Lupus (in Side My Body) In and out of the hospital. One doctor from the next. But she didn’t let this thing stop her. 2019 her husband and Lora Faison started a non-profit call AGape Rescue Warriors. Where they go out to feed the homeless and help families who are less fortunate. She’s having done much because of her trips back and forth to the hospital. But through God it will be back up and running soon. Lora’s skin looked so bad hair fell out and it still hasn’t grown back. She also got her LLC to do all Natural Organic skin Products. Lora says all of this to say., This is just half of her story and as Lupus comes to attack her. She says it chose her she didn’t choose it, and she continues to move and do because she don’t let it consume or define who she is. As for her husband still fighting for a break we pray that one day we’re able to take that honey moon that they never had. And as for her from now until God takes me she will continue to do for others as she Prayed and ask God to allow to. SHE LOVES EVERYTHING ABOUT LIFE AND THE PEOPLE IN IT. This isn’t half of her story. TO GOD BE THE GLORY PS- show some 💕 4asisterslupus.com

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