GM the 4A’s Sisters Lupus Foundation here in Lafayette La would like to honor this week: Charlie Jean Smith aka “Charlie”. Meet Charlie, she lives in SC. She was diagnosed with lupus in March, 2016. At that time, she had a blood clot that went to her spleen (splenic infarct). At the time, the doctors had no idea what was wrong with her…cancer, sickle cell….and the list went on. It was her 5th day into her hospital stay, when the surgeon came in and the word “Lupus” was used. Charlie had no idea exactly what lupus was at the time, but she knew she was scared. Along with the lupus diagnosis, she found out she had a slew of other diseases that go hand in hand with lupus. Charlie was sent home with a ton of follow up doctors, unable to work, and scared. On top of dealing with this new diagnosis and failing health, her (then) husband got on drugs (crack) and stole everything she had, right up underneath her nose. Once she was strong enough, 2018, she had him evicted and filed for a divorce. She’s been on my own since then. She have good days and bad days. She’s thankful for her family and true friends that keep her going. Chatlie have 5 (soon to be 6) beautiful grandchildren, and they are her reason to keep going despite the pain and depression. She’s been turned down for disability 3 times now, so she hired an attorney to help her. In the beginning, she asked God “why”. She no longer ask that, but know He has a plan for her! Stay strong….cry, rest, laugh, love. We’ve got this. PS: Show your 💕!

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