4A’s Sisters Lupus Foundation in Lafayette, La would like to honor TaKara Johnson on her encouragement, strength and loyalty to self. She was diagnosed in January 2020 with Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus which affects the skin. TaKara had no clue that she was experiencing a severe flare up when she broke out itching with a severe rash all over her body that turned into sores. She ended up in an Urgent Care. She has scars now all over and it also caused her to lose majority of her hair. TaKara was an active Dental Assistant in the Office but, due to the lupus causing her so much pain she went back being a Dental Assistant Instructor so it could be easier on her body. TaKara started a Facebook page “LYLAS Lupus Awareness Group”, so women with lupus can express and share their feelings about whether going through without being judged. She’s also a CPR Instructor to help the community learn how to save lives. Show your 💕! 4asisterslupus.com

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