Evelyn Patton

4-A’s Sisters Lupus Foundation would like to honor Evelyn Patton this week. She was diagnosed with LUPUS & RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS in 2013. She has been in a severe crisis’s twice, and hurts daily. She trys to live her life normal but, sometimes it difficulty too but, she doesn’t gives up. She’s thankful for GOD who gives her strength through her prayes and continue to push herself in life. Evelyn goals in life is to keep pushing because she believes GOD has her back. Evelyn has a yearly activity whereas she gives the homeless people CHRISTMAS. She goes yearly on the weekend before Christmas with a dear friend of hers, Loretta Allen to give out Christmas bags to the homeless. In those backpacks they donate: socks, gloves, skull hats, scarves, clothing such as new and used jackets and other clothing items to stay warm with, they receives snacks such as: candy chips, juices, cookies and others packages items, they also give blankets. They share with them about the love of GOD and to join a local church to know more about GOD the FATHER. They encourage the homeless to pray in and out of SEASON, because 🙏ers changes THINGS, and they let them know they care, this is the reason they do what they do. Evelyn loves helping the ELDERLY in her Church and neighborhood. She’s always giving or doing something for them. She loves helping PEOPLE, because it’s what JESUS who says, “whatever you do unto the least of THEE you’re sisters and brothers, you do it unto Me”. MATTHEW 25:40. This is the first YEAR, she missed helping the HOMELESS and it was due to COVIT-19,🦠 VIRUS, and of LUPUS. Evelyn, 🙏ing this year it will be a safer year to help the HOMELESS to be happy on CHRISTMAS DAY, like everybody else. Her MOTHER HAD RA and LUPUS, OUT OF eight GIRLS and 4 BOYS; she’s the only one with LUPUS. She thanks GOD daily, because she’s a BELIEVER that with JESUS all things is possible through him. That’s the reason she do what she do, and it is to let people know she cares. PS: Show your 💕

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