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4A’s Sisters Lupus Foundation in Lafayette, La would like to recognize Lynn Broussard as our Lupus Warrior for this week. ❤

Lynn was diagnosed with Lupus SLE, with mix connective tissue disorder in 2016 at the age of 45. Prior to her diagnosed she was living in Texas, working with homeless women and working on her Master’s Degree in Social Work.

When Lynn was first diagnosed, she was determined not to allow Lupus ruin her life.

A month after being diagnosed, Lynn was determined to get her life back but, God had other plans, she was rushed to the hospital with stomach pains and had to have an ER surgery, which sent her in respiratory failure, was in coma for ten days.

This was when she realized that this illness was something that she needed to take more serious.

Lynn guessed she was in her own denial. Unable to care for herself, she had to return home to Louisiana.

Her family and friends have a great support system, she’s currently working full time with Women of Domestic Violence and completing her Master’s of Social Work. It has not been an easy road according to Lynn, she thanks God everyday for waking her up.

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