Antoinette Y. Thames
Lives in Little Rock, Arkansas where she was born and raised.
She received her diagnosis of SLE Lupus 16 years ago.
At the age of nine 1979, Antoinette began to experience chronic hives from head to toe. She was also experiencing swelling in her feet, hand, throat and often my eyes and lips. For many years I received a diagnosis of chronic urticaria (hives) and angioedema.Anti-histamines and steroids was the choice of treatment her doctor chose.
Each year she noticed that she was being challenged with additional symptoms. Lower back pain, low grade fevers, fatigue, joint pain and headaches all appeared aggressively. She felt that she had not been properly diagnosed.
Antoinette asked many questions but, doctors at that time had no answers.
In November of 1999, she began to experience uncontrollable pain throughout her entire body. She was taken to hospitals ER was given pain medication that did nothing to reduce any of my pain. Later that day she returned to the hospital and was admitted.
Upon doing a MRI the doctors discovered that both of her hips had completely deteriorated. The steroids that she was taking for chronic hives and angioedema had caused avascular necrosis and needed to have her hips replaced to alleviate the pain.
November of 1999, she was twenty- nine years old when had her first two hip surgeries. Bilateral core drilling’s on her hips was the chosen surgery by her doctor in hopes to relieve the pressure that was causing all of the pain. The surgeries were unsuccessful.
In January of 2000, Antoinette received her third hip surgery and March of 2000, she received a fourth.
In October of 2004, after her second trip to the ER in a week, she was hospitalized with a fever of an unknown origin, severe joint pain, fatigue and hives. She remained in the hospital for two weeks and many tests were done. Along with the symptoms in earlier years, current symptoms and test results she received a diagnosis of lupus and received a rheumatologist.
Finally she had some answers!
In June of 2010, Antoinette retired from her teaching position of sixteen years after experiencing additional hip problems and the side effects of medications she was being treated with to manage lupus.
In November of 2014, she developed metal poisoning in her left hip from the metal on metal hip replacement that she had received earlier.
God has taught her to walk five times in her life and she’s very thankful and grateful.
Antoinette had been Living with a diagnosis of SLE Lupus for sixteen years, by doing what brings her joy, and Thriving by becoming the best version of her that she’s able to become.
She’s A Fighter, A Warrior, A Champion and God Is Her Victory!
August 3, 2019
The Lupus Champions Group was created with the intent to encourage, inspire, bring awareness, support and connect others living and thriving with this disease .
Lupus Champions Always Striving To Provide Hope, Help and a Form Of Healing ❤️

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