The 4A’s Sisters Lupus Foundation would like to recognize Kathy Malvo as this week Lupus Warrior.

Kathy G. Malvo is the daughter of the late Irvin and Judy Girouard of Youngsville La,. She’s married to John Malvo, with two daughters De Andre and Gera Girouard.

In 2013 she was diagnos with Lupus, formly she was a Nursing Assistant.

For about 18 yrs, before she became diagnois with lupus, it was a hard battle to fight, but with the relationship with Christ, kept her going, she stayed encouraged with the love and the support of her family. The battle with Lupus cause her faith in trust in Jesus, she no longer fear what the future holds for her life.

Kathy thanks God for all the love and support of family and friends, “Lupus strong” Never Give up!!
W/ Gail Lee Martha Weatherford & Andrus A Sapphire

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