4A’s Sisters Lupus Club of Lafayette La. would like to honor this week. She’s Farrah McGhee Rahshandaa Pierson and lives in a small town called McCormick, South Carolina. She’s a single parent to a beautiful 13 year old daughter, Brieannah. She obtained her Bachelors’s degree in Psychology from University of Houston. Currently retired from (VA) Veterans Affairs, as an Administrative Assistant and have over 20 years in the medical field. Her lupus journey began when she was 21 years old, she began having symptoms. After many years of seeing various doctors, Rahshandaa was finally diagnosed in 2017. Upon her diagnosis, she knew she didn’t want to live the rest of her life with this disease. She wanted to find a cure. Because lupus was a disease not known by many people, she became an Advocate and began promoting lupus awareness; by posting on social media and and attending lupus walks. She knew that finding a cure for lupus would have to be in a collective effort, so after seeing an advertisement, for the first lupus Greek lettered sorority, (Lambda Sigma Sigma Lupus Sorority, Inc., founded August 13, 2018, by 20+ year lupus survivor LaCasha Lee of Chicago, IL) she decided to join. Rahshandaa officially became a member of the 2021 Winter Class, along with 10 other women, who have not only dedicated themselves to promoting lupus awareness, advocacy and education, but also a sisterhood! They don’t call themselves Lupus Warriors, we refer to ourselves as Lupus Soldiers, because they are on the battlefield, to find a cure. As a Lupus Soldier, she don’t let lupus stop her. She fights lupus daily and sometimes it knocks her down, but, she gets right back up! She has a daughter to raise and long life to enjoy! And plans to do just that! PS: Let’s show our love ❤️!

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