Lupus Warrior for this Week!

The 4A’s Sisters Lupus Foundation would like to recognize Kathy Malvo as this week Lupus Warrior.

Kathy G. Malvo is the daughter of the late Irvin and Judy Girouard of Youngsville La,. She’s married to John Malvo, with two daughters De Andre and Gera Girouard.

In 2013 she was diagnos with Lupus, formly she was a Nursing Assistant.

For about 18 yrs, before she became diagnois with lupus, it was a hard battle to fight, but with the relationship with Christ, kept her going, she stayed encouraged with the love and the support of her family. The battle with Lupus cause her faith in trust in Jesus, she no longer fear what the future holds for her life.

Kathy thanks God for all the love and support of family and friends, “Lupus strong” Never Give up!!
W/ Gail Lee Martha Weatherford & Andrus A Sapphire

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Lupus Warrior of the Week

Lupus Warrior for this Week.
 Gina Leblanc

The 4A’s Sisters Lupus Foundation of Lafayette, La would like to honor Gina Leblanc of Cecilia, La as our Lupus Warrior for this week.

She has Discoid Lupus and SLE Lupus. Gina was diagnosed in 2016.

Her favorite hobbies now, is going to the library Reading/Researching all kinds different diseases and the world around us.

Taking care of her parents, going to the park or near water, just to relax from a very busy week or appointments. Lots of appointments.

Gina has two beautiful daughters Kayo Leblanc and Aliko LeBlanc who’s now both attending College

Gina, is a highly recommended advocate for Lupus.

Lupus Warrior of the Week!

LaRhonda Yokum-Guidry
LaRhonda Yokum-Guidry

GM: The 4-A’s Sisters Lupus Foundation recognize LaRhonda Yokum-Guidry as this week Lupus Warrior.

La Rhonda was diagnosed with Lupus in 2018.
She’s the mother of a 15 year old son name Curtis Dwayne Yokum-Guidry and is married to Curtis Guidry for 18 years.

She retired from Acadia Parish School Board on October 6, 2020 after 22 years in Education.

As a small Business Owner she’s currently her own boss at LA Travels Travel Agency.

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Lupus Warrior of the week

Jude Pitts

4A’s Sisters Lupus Foundation would like to honor Jude Pitts as this week Lupus Warrior.

Cancer, Sarcoidosis, Lupus(SLE), MULTIPLE autoimmune diseases. But he keeps fighting.

Never give up when the end of the tunnel seems so far away always remember there is a light at the end.

Its not how many hurdles thats in front of you its what it takes to climb over them. 💪💪💪💪

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Lupus Warrior of the WEEK

4A’S Sisters Lupus Foundation would like to recognize Anna Mae Tauriac Lawrence of Lafayette as this week Lupus Warrior.

Mrs. Anna is 88 years old who’s been married for 69 years to Mr. Joe who is 91 years old.

Anna suffers with Lupus over 20 plus years. She went into remission for about 10 years then it came back in early 90’s -suffering till today.

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Greg Lawrence