Lupus Warrior of the Week

4A’s Sisters Lupus Foundation would like to recognize Maxine Colligan Navarre as our Lupus Warrior of the week.

Maxine was diagnose with Lupus 29 years ago.
Works for Registrar of Voter Office, 32 years
Chief Deputy.
Married 30 years with 2 children and blessed with 2 grandchildren.

She loves Entertaining family, reading, traveling and playing with her grand babies but, most of all spending time with God.

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Warrior for the week

4A’s Sisters Lupus Foundation reconize Lupus Warrior for the week – Meet Alzina Burrell Dural
Lupus since 2011,
Retiree with LCG,
Owner of Season the Green Leaf 🍃
Sits on many Local City and State Boards.
A daughter wife sister mother aunt friend etc.
PS-Community Activist.
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Lupus Warrior of the Week

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and reared in South Texas, Melissa Hardin is a 44 year old mother of two daughters, poly partnered to two loving men, and focused on living her best life. After suffering for roughly 6 years, she was diagnosed with Lupus in February of 2019. Shortly after, she joined 4 A Sisters Lupus Support Group and began treatment. Melissa is now experiencing longer stretches between flares. She tries to be uplifting and supportive to people she meets no matter what it is they are going through.